Why Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua Has Not Moved Into His Official Residence

By Lavin Atieno

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is yet to move into his official residence in Karen. Speaking to KTN news on Sunday, Mr Gachagua said he is yet to adjust to his new status which requires him to vacate his current home where his family has lived for over 24 years.

“The things that are going on around me are very momentous, I’m yet to acclimatize, digest and accept the new situation and the status and all. It is very overwhelming. I will need to take some time but in due course, I will move into the official residence,” he told KTN.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

The DP noted that it will be an uphill task leaving his home because of his attachment to it and the memories it holds. “I have such an emotional attachment to this home, my children grew up here, and my parents lived with me here for many years,” he said.  “It is very nostalgic for me to walk away from a home where I have lived for all these years,”

He added that he is in no hurry to move into the official residence but will do so in due course despite the residence being ready. “I still feel better to sleep here and wake up here because 24 years is a long time and you know home is a home, you get used to home, you like your bed, you like the way you wake up, you like the environment,” he added.

“I’m still here trying to figure out and, in any case, there is no hurry, work is going on and in due course, I will move to the official residence, but I will need to digest all the changes and all the things that are going on around me”.

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