Police Officers In Busia On The Spot As Criminals Roam Free

Senior police officers in Busia county are on the spot due to the escalating cases of crime. The matter seems to have gone out of hand as criminal activities in the county are allegedly being perpetuated by rogue elements believed to be close to some of the police officers, they openly harass law-abiding citizens knowing well that they are covered by the officers.

Recently, Mr Chris Butsunzu, who hails from Nambale was brutally attacked by people well-known to him leaving him with serious wounds. His attackers even reminded him that they were above the law and there was nowhere he could report them, they allegedly even escorted him to the nearest police station where they asked him to report the matter.

Mr Chris Butsunzu

Despite the victim providing incriminating evidence against the suspects in writing, the suspects are still walking scot-free threatening the victims’ life. The case was recently forwarded to the office of the Police Spokesperson, Dr Resilah Onyango who later forwarded the matter to the Busia Office of the Directorate of Public Persecution to liaise with the Nambale police station where the case was reported but nothing tangible is forthcoming.

The culprits are now walking with their heads held high, reminding everyone willing to listen that they are above the law.

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