Kangundo MP Blamed For Loss Of Funds

Kangundo MP Fabian Muli has been exposed for presiding over the mismanagement of NGCDF funds. Sources told The Weekly Vision that the constituency’s committee failed to remit Ksh. 2,745,926 within the stipulated timelines to Kenya Revenue Authority in (P.A.Y.E) deductions.

The deductions were for March and April 2020, as a result, penalties and interest amounting to Ksh. 694,372 was levied on the Fund bringing the total outstanding P.A.Y.E. to Ksh.1, 028,103 as of 30th June 2020.  Failure to remit PAYE within the stipulated timelines is a contravention of the provisions Income Tax Act Cap. 470.

The source further reveals that Ksh.3, 610,000 was transferred to Kathithyamaa Secondary School for the renovation of the Dining Hall. The contract for the renovation works was awarded on 30th June 2020.  However, a physical inspection conducted in January 2021 revealed that plumbing and drainage work for gutters and downward pipes worth Ksh. 210,000 had not been done despite the contractor having been paid the total contract sum of Ksh. 3,610,000 including the retention money.

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