Dirty Wars Erupt At The Trouble Ridden Tower Sacco

All is not well at the Tower Sacco, formerly known as Nyandarua Teachers Sacco as officials now resort to washing their dirty linen in public. Tower Sacco’s top officials have been under relentless attacks mainly from some officials from both Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) and Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) from Nairobi and Nyandarua over what union officials term as mismanagement of the society.

 According to the Sacco chairman John Gitundu, union officials have been tarnishing the name of the society with the aim of bringing the Sacco down by causing panic withdrawals among its strong 186,000 members. The union officials are accused to have been spending huge amounts of money to pay unscrupulous bloggers who keep attacking the society and in the process creating fear and anxiety among members. The sacco officials are now threatening to expose the KUPPET and KNUT officials’ dirty deals and their bitterness with the sacco.

In a quick rejoinder, KNUT branch secretary Ndung’u Johana said the bad blood between the Sacco and the unions is because the teachers are supporting their members to replace their retired colleagues who hold posts in the society. The union officials claim that election for the Sacco chairman’s post is due next year and the current holder fears that the teachers could gang up and vote him out in favour of a serving teacher.

Sources well versed with the power struggle between the union officials and the KUPPET/KNUT leadership begun during the recent election of Ol Kalou Zone director of the Sacco where the teachers voted out the management’s favorite candidate, James Mwangi Kiiru, who had been a director for the last 32 years.

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