Night Guard Killed By Unknown People In Webuye  

Residents in Dina area in Webuye town woke up to a rude shock on Tuesday morning after they found a body of a middle-aged security guard lying in a pool of blood. Speaking to the press in Webuye town on Tuesday, locals led by Mathews Wangila, condemned the incident calling on police officers to launch investigations and identify the murderers.

“It’s so unfortunate that the police station is some meters from here yet thugs can come and attack our people,” Wangila said. Wangila said that the butchered security guard reported to work yesterday after the company sent other security personnel.

“The man lying behind us served us diligently, we have never had a problem with him, he just took the mantle yesterday after the exit of his colleague,” he said. Eliud Barasa, a human rights activist who spoke to the media blamed security officers for the rising insecurity cases in Webuye town alleging that there are questionable people residing in Webuye town. “We have people staying in Webuye town who never appear before the public, I want the police to investigate them, they are the ones who might be causing such losses,” Barasa noted.

Barasa called on landlords to know the people they lease houses to rather than housing thugs who kill and steal people’s items. Bishop Alex Masika, asked the police officers to intensify the patrols in Webuye towns and ensure that residents are at peace. The body of the deceased was picked up by police officers and taken to Webuye County Hospital mortuary as they launch investigations into the murder.

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