How Coptic Hospital Attempted To Fleece Accident Victim

The once treasured Coptic Hospital situated along the busy Ngong road in Nairobi has now become a pale shadow of its former self. The hospital was established by the Coptic Orthodox Church.  Recently, the management was caught pants down after trying to overcharge a patient who had been brought in after an accident; the patient had suffered a minor fracture.

According to sources at the hospital, the patient was required to pay Ksh. 250,000 soon after being admitted to the ward on the recommendations of the doctor.  A relative of the patient doubted the huge amount required and sought a second opinion. The X-Ray report was given and fortunately for the man, he had some medical knowledge and could read and understand the X-ray image and realized that it was just a small fracture. He requested that the patient be released and rushed him to Mbagathi Hospital where he paid Ksh. 27,000, much less than what Coptic demanded. 

Sources at the hospital say this is not the first time they have been involved fleecing unsuspecting patients, during the Covid-19 period, the hospital charged between Ksh. 500 and Ksh. 2,000 for a certificate to travel out of the country.

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