How Kenya Vision 2030 DG Contract Was Renewed Despite His Poor Record

Word has leaked out casting in bad light the manner in which the contract extension for the Director General of the Kenya Vision 2030 Kenneth Mwige was handled.  Sources say the board hurriedly renewed the contract through a letter dated 10th November 2022 (ref.VDS/CONF/20/2021) signed by  the board’s chairperson Carole Kariuki indicating that the board had approved the extension of his contract on 10th October 2022.

The board hurriedly renewed Mr Kenneth Mwige’s contract through this letter dated 10th November 2022 (ref.VDS/CONF/20/2021) signed by the board’s chairperson Carole Kariuki

The source adds that the renewal and extension of the contract by the former board was improper and was done through dubious means. Of great interest is that the board gave Mr Mwige a monthly salary of Ksh. 1.5m per month, way above what the President of the republic of Kenya earns.

According to the SRC Gazette Notice of 2023, the President’s salary is pegged at a basic pay of Ksh. 866,000 and if you add allowances to his salary, he does not come close to what Kenneth Mwige now earns.

Attached below this post is a letter of contract renewal which was done hurriedly by the old Board under Caroline Kariuki as the Chairperson before the new Principal Secretaries were sworn into office.

The level of dubious activities going on at Kenya Vision 2030 Secretariat under the Director General, Kenneth Mwige surely knows no bounds. Insiders are asking themselves why the board extended the DG’s term in office despite claims of poorl management of the development programme. 

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