Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Management Accused Of Conning Unsuspecting Applicants For Slots

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) management is under fire from young Kenyans who are eager to land a slot at the institution’s numerous campuses spread across the country. Learners now claim that the management is conning applicants through application fraud. Learners are now claiming that the management is conning applicants through application fraud. The College’s CEO Dr Kelly Oluoch and Board chairman Zachary Muburi are facing accusations of fraudulently collecting application fees above the available slots.

According to some applicants who spoke to The Weekly Vision, KMTC has admitted over 300,000 students who are charged Ksh. 2,022 for a single application, despite only being able to accommodate 60,000 students.

It is claimed that KMTC is engaging in a money-minting business by accepting payments from students who have little chance of ever being admitted. What is worrying is that KMTC management knows well that the available space per course cannot accommodate all applicants; they should have notified students in good time that the courses are unavailable for the year before the submission and payment of their applications.

Sources say KMTC has accepted payment of Ksh2, 022 from over 300,000 students and the application fee is non-refundable. The allegations have caused concern among students, many of whom have reportedly made multiple unsuccessful applications, each time paying the fee.

The allegations come at a time when the cost of education in Kenya has become a major concern for many students and their families.

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