Two Suspects Arraigned At Kibera Court For Swindling A Foreigner Gold Worth Ksh. 123 million

Two gold scam suspects Nicholas Otieno Ndolo and Thomas Otieno Ngoe appeared before Senior Principal magistrate Charles Mwaniki accused of allegedly swindling a foreigner gold worth Ksh. 123 million.  The gold to be purchased weighed 3000 kilograms, police had applied to be given 14 days to hold them as they complete their investigations under an affidavit that was presented in court by the prosecution side.

However, the two suspects were released on a cash bail of Ksh. 500 000 each and ordered to report to the investigating officer whenever they are required to pending charges. Police were given 14 days to appeal the ruling if dissatisfied with it. The suspects according to the police affidavit were arrested on Tuesday after a complaint was lodged by the foreigner claiming that he send the money to the first respondent Nicholas Ndolo through Africorp Legal Consultant’s account using his USA Northern Trust bank. Ndolo too according to the affidavit threatened to deport the complainant

The suspects Thomas Otieno Ngoe on the left and Nicholas Otieno Ndolo in court yesterday

”It`s after the complainant had sent the money that he realised that some of the documents the respondent had provided were not genuine, such as the customs entry indicated on the Declaration Form dated March 08, 2023, that he contacted the accused who began to avoid meeting him’ ‘added the affidavit by Inspector of police Alexander Makomah.

The complainant after receiving the threats according to Inspector Makomah reported the threats at Capitol Hill police station and after his investigation; he told the court that he discovered that the money which had been wired to the accused through Equity bank, he established that the account was being used by the second accused person Ngoe. Ngoe according to the police affidavit had sent the money to other accounts which police want to investigate.

During an operation to arrest the suspects, police say in their affidavit that a firearm was recovered in the vehicle that the second accused person Ngoe was using. ”The firearm that was recovered is suspected to have been used to commit crimes and is therefore subject to forensic analysis and also to ascertain how it was acquired and if the suspect is a licensed gun holder, ‘added Inspector Makomah.

Lawyer Apollo Mboya who led the defence team objected to them being detained for more days saying that they were not a flight risk and they would cooperate with the police within the time they are required to give them information regarding the case. The mention of the case will be on April 03rd.

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