Has Hassan Joho Abandoned Raila Odinga?


The question on the lips of most Azimio Coalition and ODM party leader Raila Odinga supporters is the whereabouts of the immediate former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Mr Joho’s absence is sending cold shivers down the spine of his supporters, particularly in the coastal region.

The last time Mr Joho came out in public was when he trashed a letter purported to have been written by him alleging that he had quit the ODM party.  The letter contained what looked like the party’s official letterhead and a signature similar to that of Mr Joho; it was addressed to party leader Raila Odinga. Mr Joho is said to have taken a sabbatical leave from politics and is said to be enjoying his retirement from active politics. His absence has left Mr Odinga with no strong link man in the entire coastal region.

The Weekly Vision has learnt that Mr Joho has decided to keep off confrontational politics to protect his business empire from the Kenya Kwanza administration.  Those with a sound memory will recall that in the run-up to the last general elections, Joho directed his attacks on William Ruto and his close allies calling him names and daring him not to cross his line.

It is against such fears that Mr Joho is said to have decided to lead a low-profile life and keep off any direct attacks on Ruto to keep his business empire safe. It has been whispered that he was on the list of individual politicians Kenya Kwanza had earmarked for auditing in terms of tax evasion claims.

To be safe, Mr Joho had been advised to keep off active politics and run his businesses without interference from the state. Joho’s net worth is estimated at Ksh. 7.1B. Among the companies owned by Joho includes Autoport Freight Terminals Limited, Portside Freight Terminals Limited and Prima Pest and Bins Limited.

Others are M-Tech Kenya Limited. This is a communications company. He also owns The Hassan Joho Foundation which is credited for numerous social projects in Mombasa County and the Coast region that have positively impacted the lives of many people within the community. However, it remains to be seen if the former governor will come out and join the ongoing demonstrations called by Raila Odinga.

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