Githunguri Dairy Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd Top Leadership In A Fierce Power Struggle

All is not well at the trouble-ridden Githunguri Dairy Farmers Co-Operative Society Ltd where the chairman Mr G. Kinyanjui is allegedly trying to use his influence to lock out members who have divergent opinions and are opposed to his leadership style. According to several members who spoke to The Weekly Vision, Mr Kinyanjui his deputy Mr M. Kariuki and Secretary Mr Thaithi are accused of running the Sacco as a private company.  Members claim that on paper, they are made to believe that Sacco is doing well financially and administratively yet there is a big rift between the directors.

The other team led by the treasurer Mr Ndichu and other directors have been left in the cold, they have been kept in the dark about the happenings at the once vibrant Sacco which at one time boasted of having over 15,000 members. In February, Kinyanjui and his team suffered a devastating blow after a cooperative tribunal ruled that Njoroge Kabogo who had fairly won a hotly contested election be allowed to assume office.  Mr Kabogo is a known critic of the chairman and when elections were held on 24th July 2021, he was declared the winner after garnering 595 votes against the chairman’s preferred candidate Titus Wainaina Kinyua who got 543 votes and James Murimi Mugo who got 430 votes.

Although Kabogo was declared the winner, on 5th August 2021, he received a call from the Director of Cooperatives Githunguri to collect a letter cancelling the elections of 24th July 2021. That acting on the letter Sacco issued notice dated 18th August 2021 for a repeat election for route 6 Kayari to be held on 14th September 2021.

In a ruling signed, dated and delivered virtually at Nairobi on 28th February 2023, it is ordered that “We order for the 1st Respondent to allow the Applicant to assume office as Meeting Committee member of 1st Respondent Society representing route 6 Kayari”

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