Former Sonko Finance CEC Allan Igambi Is A Man Under Siege

Mr Allan Igambi is a close ally of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko who first appointed him to the position of CEC in charge of Trade and then moved him to the powerful position of Finance. Colleagues who interacted with Mr Igambi say his appointment to the Finance docket was a cover-up attempt to hide some financial scandal. Sources say there was a multi-million-shilling deal in the executive that the former governor had to hide from the public.

Allan Igambi’s predecessor Charles Kerich is said to have discovered how he and City Hall cartels siphoned money from the county coffers. Sources within Mr Kerich’s office now claim that Allan looted the coffers through fictitious payments of suppliers and friendly legal firms. At one point, Allan fell out with then-governor Ann Kananu when he refused to approve some fictitious payments. The matter was so pressing that Kananu attempted to transfer him to another department.

The transfer was however thwarted by the courts which stopped the transfer. Sources now claim that Mr Kerich is on a revenge mission, revealing all the fishy deals that he feels were handled by Allan, Sonko and Kananu. According to sources, Allan is known to have made good money during his tenure at City Hall. He cut deals with suppliers and more so the payments to friendly law firms where he is said to have made millions.

The bad blood between Kerich and Allan is a result of former governor Sonko’s move to suspend Kerich, replacing him with Allan. Mr Kerich did not forgive both Sonko or Allan. During the Sonko tenure, Kerich was at one time a Super CEC and was so powerful and once acted as Deputy Governor until he fell out with Mr Sonko when he gave a contradicting statement over an incident at Mama Lucy Hospital. He alongside then County Secretary Kariuki, and CEC Vesca Kagogo among others was suspended.

We have information that Allan has a pending case under investigation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over the alleged looting of county funds during the tenure of Kananu. Kerich is said to be ready to provide the necessary evidence against him.

Mr Kerich is a close ally to President William Ruto, and Allan is a Sonko ally considering that Ruto and Sonko are buddies, that could help Allan from further frustrations by Kerich through Ruto’s intervention. Another man Mr Kerich has vowed to discipline is the immediate former CS Jirus Musumba, a story for another day.

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