Elsie Muhanda Blasts Fellow MPs For Voting In Favor Of The Controversial Finance Bill 

By Andanje Wakhungu

Kakamega County Women Representative Elsie Muhanda has hit out at politicians from western Kenya who voted in favour of the recently passed Finance Bill in parliament terming them sellouts to the Mulembe nation. The WR was speaking at the funeral of Ben Shikami Ashiundu in Malava sub-county last week from where she said it was bad for leaders to have endorsed the bill despite the hard economic times boggling down Kenyans.

I told you I will vote NO against the bill as it was too expensive for Kenyans who are already overburdened but imagine some of your leaders you elected voted in favour of it and this is a wakeup call for you as the electorates to make a wise decision come 2027 considering that the ones you elected have failed to in favour of your aspirations, instead they have gone to bed with the government of the day. 

She wondered why a leader who is aware of how the cost of living for a common Kenyan is high could decide to add more tax on them instead of saving them by voting against the bill that has since been passed into law. She called on the electorates to teach them a lesson by denying them another chance to represent them in parliament in the coming polls slated for 2027. Muhanda called on the locals to brace themselves for even more hard times ahead as Azimio brigades figure out how best they will assist them from the economic crunch they are currently in. We will meet as opposition and marshal on how we shall put the government on its toes to make life better for every Kenyan soon.

On the issues of churches in Kenya, she called on the congregants to be wary of some churches that have unclear doctrines stating that many Kenyans have lost lives in the Shakahola massacre as more bodies were being retrieved in the 800-acre vast chunk of land. She urged them to attend known churches with a good history behind them.

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