Residents Want Police Post Reinstated To Help Curb Burglary Incidents In Malava

By Andanje Wakhungu

Following several reported incidences of burglaries that have seen one security guard murdered recently at the Malanga market of Malava sub-county, the residents are demanding the reinstatement of an AP post in the area to curb the vice. During a security meeting held at the Lukala assistant chiefs’ office that almost turned chaotic, the locals consisting of business people, landlords and villagers accused the two assistant chiefs in Lukala (Joseph Makundas) and Malanga ( Meshak Kataka) of protecting and working in cahoots with suspected criminals.

Led by the Malanga market security chairman John Simiyu (retired OCS Kasarani), traders accused the local administration of having failed to take action against suspected individuals suspected of having mastermind many criminal activities at the market and in the villagers especially saloons, shops and even homes. People have seen their premises broken into and property stolen including poultry.

Lukala subchief Joseph Makunda addressing residents of Malanga. Village elder Leva Tembeso (R), Chairman Malanga market security committee John Simiyu and his secretary George Masungo follow the proceedings. Photo By Andanje Wakhungu

Irked residents also called for the transfer of the Kabras OCS following his failure to provide proper security to the market despite the several reported break inns. Led by Mr Donald Shipenzi, a resident of the area and relative of the slain guard, the late Balozi Burudi Wumba who was laid to rest last Friday they expressed their disappointment at how the matter security was handled.

Residents have pointed fingers at a suspect who is a known criminal and whom the local administration has been protecting as their own man. They stated that it was important for the police to conduct patrols at the market centre before some deployment is done. The agitated family and shop owner who was almost robbed the night the guard was killed said he was away at burial; he blamed the two chiefs for working with criminals and offering them protection from arrest.

They lauded the township Chief Nechesa Luvale for his good work but criticized the hooliganism style of leadership being exercised by two of his colleagues. Former nominated Shirugu Mugai MCA Mildred Waluvengo stated that the only way normalcy could return to the market was through the reinstatement of administration police officers, she offered to give out her premise as houses for the officers deployed at the market to keep security.

She said she was willing to see to it that the people were secure and hence agreed to cater for the officer’s accommodation. The residents also unanimously agreed to demolish the kiosks within Malanga market junction that have been harbouring idlers all day and night saying it was the place suspected criminals planned their missions and further agreed to banish the suspected criminal informant whom they accused of being behind many thefts in the area. The administration agreed to present the minutes and resolutions to the DCC for action.

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