Governor Wamatangi Clashes With Predecessor Over Fertilizer Deal

By The Weekly Vision

Governor Kimani Wamatangi of Kiambu and his predecessor James Nyoro have been washing their dirty linen in public of late with the governor claiming that his predecessor had incited county MCAs against his administration.   Mr Nyoro however denies the allegations and in turn, claims that Governor Wamatangi should direct his frustrations to former Governor William Kabogo.

Governor Wamatangi has faced a rebellion from the majority of MCAs who at one time even threatened to impeach him, the intervention of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagwa saved the day. As the supremacy battle continues, Governor Wamatangi has now revealed how his predecessor mismanaged county funds leading to the loss of millions of shillings.

Former Kiambu Governor James Nyoro

The Wamatangi administration revealed how Nyoro’s administration paid Ksh.75,433,298 for the purchase of certified seeds, breeding stock, and live animals with a payment of Ksh.33,271,802 being made to a National Government Parastatal on 21st February 2022 for the supply and delivery of maize and bean seeds. A further payment of Ksh.30,391,496 was made to the same Parastatal on 3st March 2022 for the supply and delivery of maize seeds, sunflower seeds, and canola seeds. 

The two payments were supported by proforma invoices which cannot be authenticated while delivery notes, counter receipt vouchers, and inspection and acceptance committee reports on delivery of goods cannot be traced. Further payments of Ksh.30, 000,000 and Ksh.12, 200,000 were made to the Parastatal on 30th May 2022 and 22nd February 2022 respectively for supply and delivery of NPK fertilizer. However, the identification of beneficiaries and distribution lists for the supply and delivery of maize, beans, sunflower, and canola seeds, and NBK 210 fertilizer cannot be traced.

 It has also been reported that the Nyoro administration was involved in the irregular use of imprest. Records indicate that a total of Ksh.133, 979,375 was paid to several members of staff as temporary imprests between 2021/2022. However, imprest amounting to Ksh.1, 008,990 was spent on the hire of taxi services despite the departments having motor vehicles and fuel allocation. In addition, a review of sampled payment vouchers amounting to Ksh.10,167,390 revealed that various payments were in the form of facilitation allowances for activities considered routine for which employees draw a monthly salary. 

It was also noted that the reimbursement of the imprests was not adequately supported with Electronic Tax Register (ETR) receipts while imprests totaling Ksh.818,816 was used to purchase common user items including tonners, printing papers, and computer accessories, which should have been procured through the normal procurement process. 

The Nyoro administration has also been exposed for making irregular payments to Members of the County Assembly and Staff with records revealing that Ksh.2, 941,000 was paid to an Officer in respect of allowances to Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) and staff attending the Jiinue Fund regulation workshop held at a local hotel. 

Out of the total payment, an amount of Ksh .1, 498,000 was made to MCAs whose payments should have been charged to the County Assembly vote. A total of Ksh .44,000 was paid as transport allowance for 22 MCAs to attend the workshop at the hotel which is approximately 7 kilometres from the County Assembly offices. The expenditure also included payment to officers designated as the Lead Clerk and Principal Clerk, whose role in the workshop was not clear. 

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