DPP Post: Why Miguna Miguna Was Not Shortlisted

By The Weekly Vision

Details as to why Lawyer Miguna Miguna was not shortlisted for the position of DPP Director of Public Prosecution have emerged. Well-placed sources told us that President William Ruto was advised against giving Mr Miguna any state job; for fear that he is a man who can turn against you anytime and without notice.

The position of Director of Public Prosecution is a sensitive post that is reserved for people who can be trusted with state secrets and whose public record is clean. It is against such fears that President Ruto’s handlers warned their boss against giving Mr Miguna any state job. They claim his record of turning against former friends and revealing secrets was his main undoing.

Kenya Kwanza sources say Mr Miguna is not a member of their coalition, but they only facilitated his return to Kenya after the previous administration deported him. But in a quick rejoinder through a tweet, Mr Miguna said he has no regrets for having applied for the post, adding that missing out on the list was one of the possible outcomes.

He went on to claim that “I believe interviewing me for the job would have been impossible for some of the members of the panel”. He however claimed that he was well qualified for the post, noting that he had met all the requirements needed to be in the shortlisted group. 

According to him, the minimum academic qualification was a law/university degree, and he says he has three, second requirement was at least 15 years of legal practice or experience, which he says he has, 28 years of legal practice experience in good standing, the third was clearance certificates from HELB, DCI, EACC, and a credit union, which he all had.

 Among the 15 who were shortlisted are former IEBC commissioner Thomas Letangule, lawyer Danstan Omari and advocate Taib Ali Taib. Others are Jacinta Nyamosi, Victor Mule, Tabitha Ouya, David Ruto, Francis Andayi, Winston Ngaira, Peter Mailanyi, Lilian Okumu, Jacob Ondari, James Ndegwa, David Okachi and Renson Ingonga. The position fell vacant following the appointment of Noordin Haji to take up the role of National Intelligence Service (NIS) chief. Interviews for shortlisted candidates will happen on August 1st and 2nd 2023.

President Ruto’s handlers are aware of Miguna’s past beef with their boss and it is imperative to note that the president has never invited Miguna for a meeting since assuming office. Even when he met Nyanza and Luo professionals and politicians, Miguna has been conspicuously missing. What this means is that the president has never forgiven him and has very little time for him. Attempts by Miguna to visit State House through ICT CS Eliud Owallo have been futile. Sources now say that the race has narrowed down between former IEBC commissioner Thomas Letangule and advocate Taib Ali Taib.

Miguna Miguna’s 2019 tweet which angered President Ruto
Dr Miguna Miguna@MigunaMiguna
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