Teacher Who Was Court Having Sex With Student Sets Up Website To Help Fellow Offenders 

A disgraced teacher who lost her job in the UK after being discovered half naked with a 17-year-old pupil has launched a National Lottery-funded support group for fellow sex offenders and criminals. The ex-teacher, Eppie Sprung 37, was handed £7,530 through a National Lottery Community Fund grant to set up a website for her project where she hopes to allow offenders in Scotland to ‘share their experiences’ and ‘navigate discrimination’.

Revealing how her life has been impacted after being convicted of being a sex offender, she wrote in her blog: ‘Hi! I’m Eppie. Mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer, business owner and sex offender. That’s not something that’s comfortable to write and it’s certainly not something that’s comfortable to live with! But here we are. I made a series of bad decisions a long time ago that hurt a lot of people and that led to me living with the title of “sex offender” for the rest of my life.’

 The former teacher who then went by her married name Sprung Dawson, admitted having sex with Matthew Robinson, after offering the dyslexic pupil help with lessons at Catholic St Joseph’s College in Dumfries, Scotland. She was caught by police having sex with him and naked from the waist down in the front seat of her car in a layby after she had driven the boy out to the countryside from a school dance that they had both attended.

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