Malava Boda Boda Riders Disappointed With Area MP Malulu Injendi

By Andanje Wakhungu

Boda boda riders in Malava constituency have cushioned their area Member of Parliament Malulu Injendi against ignoring their needs. The MP was told to desist from ignoring the riders after having campaigned for him in the last general election.

The riders were led by their sub-county chairman Chitunga Museve, they stated that the MP has of late been ignoring and belittling them after the group criticized his style of leadership when he gave out motorcycles to his close cronies in the industry without involving the group office.

Mr Chitunga was speaking during the retirement ceremony of the Shirugu Mugai ward route chairman Charles Tawai at his Shipala home. The group cautioned the MP to tread carefully, reminding him that 2027 was just around the corner

The chairman was accompanied by fellow chairmen from various routes within the constituency; they bitterly narrated how they had stood firm with the MP on the campaign trail during the last elections only to be abandoned. The MP has instead started waging war with the office over the group’s hard-line stance against favouritism.

“We stood with Malulu and ensured that he secured the Malava seat but it seems our marriage with him is at crossroads considering the kind of antics he is throwing at us and we wish to tell him that we are the voters and we have numbers with a huge following and we will not sit around and see him treat us like trash, this warning goes to other leaders both at the county and national levels in equal measures”

They accused the MP of neglecting them in matters of development in the constituency, pointing out how they were left out when President William Ruto visited the constituency to commission the Ikoli Malava road a few months ago.

“We used to be people of substance during campaign time but now we are not involved in any development matters within and no one recognizes our efforts. I want to let the MP know that we as boda boda riders have no personal vendetta against him and we wish him well as we focus on 2027 where we are also contemplating of supporting one of our own so that our interests can be addressed fully, since the boda boda industry is huge and one of the biggest income generating activities not only in the sub county but at the county and country as a whole”