Chinese Spy Agency Calls On Citizens To Spy On Each Other

China’s state security agency has announced itself on social media. In its first post on the popular network WeChat, the secretive agency called for all citizens to play a role in counter-espionage.

The Ministry of State Security, China’s main intelligence and secret police agency joined WeChat on Monday amid an overhaul of security laws taking effect in July. The revised Counter-Espionage Law expands the definition of espionage and widens the scope for authorities to carry out investigations and ban border crossings.

It also bans the transfer of ‘documents, data, materials, and items related to national security and interests’ but does not define what they may include. The shifting of gears comes amid heightened tensions between China and Western allies. 

 Chinese President Xi Jinping has made national security a key focus of his administration since taking office in 2012, judging Western espionage a persistent threat to the country’s growth. In recent years, China has detained dozens of Chinese and foreign nationals on suspicion of espionage, usually treated with secrecy due to their nature.

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