Students At Bulupi School Demonstrate Against Board Chairman Over Meddling

By Andanje Wakhungu

Students of Friends Bulupi Secondary School demonstrated against their school Board Chairman last week accusing him of meddling in the management school.

The students, who picketed at the sub-county education office in Malava, claimed that the board chairman Mr Raphael Shiundu was behind the woes bedeviling the school. The school has seen several Principals being subjected to harsh criticism from the host community as a result of the alleged interference from the board chairman.

Speaking at the education office the students alleged that the chairman was fighting the principal and had incited the community to reject him, hardly a month since he was posted there.

They claim the chairman had earlier waged war against the previous principal leading to his exit. The new principal Alexander Anekeya from Mumias who, students say, was taking the school in the right direction is a victim of the chairman’s interference yet again.