Bonny Khalwale Warns President Ruto Against Implementing Fuel Deal Signed With UAE’s ADNOC And Saudi ARAMCO 

Dr Khalwale warned President William Ruto against implementing the recommendations by his Economic Advisory Committee, terming the deal as unrealistic and out to burden the common mwananchi economically

By Andanje Wakhungu

Kakamega County Senator Dr Bonny Khalwale has called on President William Ruto to disband his Economic Advisory Committee for having misled him regarding the fuel purchasing mechanisms deals signed with UAE’s ADNOC and Saudi Aramco for the supply of petroleum products to Kenya.  

Dr Khalwale warned President William Ruto against implementing the recommendations by his Economic Advisory Committee, terming them as unrealistic and out to burden the common mwananchi economically. The Senator was addressing mourners in Musungu sub-location Mugai Shirugu Ward of Malava constituency where he said that the committee, the Ministry of Energy and Trade had colluded to mislead the president on the best policies to be applied while purchasing fuel. 

Senator Khalwale addressing mourners in Kakamega County. Image/ By Andanje Wakhungu

 Instead, he said the move has subjected the country to even harsher economic ruin, the idea was meant to govern the purchase of petroleum products to manageable prices but it has since seen prices skyrocketing to unimaginable levels in the country’s economic history. The outspoken senator called on the president to take charge and make things right considering most Kenyans were overburdened by the high cost of living.

“Mr. President I know you very well and I know you are in control and capable of leveraging the high fuel prices that was implemented based on the Economic Advisory Committee in collaboration with the cabinet secretary Energy David Chirchir and his trade counterpart Moses Kuria who seem to be out of touch with reality on the ground. Your voters are crying out loud and this might not auger well with your administration considering the promises we gave them, there should be another better way to address the fuel issue rather ta government to government purchase as it has huge repercussions to the common mwananchi, this is going to taint your leadership if not properly addressed by you, the time is now, scrap off the committee for it has failed to come up with fair and better ways of importing fuel and petroleum products”  

The Senator at the same time blasted Kakamega governor Fernandes Barasa for failing to pay county workers on time despite the National Treasury having released billions of shillings into the county’s accounts. You Barasa stop joking around with our monies and pay your workers for as a Senate we know money was released into the county account.”

Khalwale called on the members of the county Assembly to reject a proposal where the county first lady should have an office and salary terming the move as absurd and selfish, meant to enrich the governor and his immediate family members.

As your Senate chairman, I’m telling you to shoot down the proposals once it is brought to the floor of the Assembly and do not be intimidated by the governor to pass it and if any of you is threatened in any way, then let him or her present the matter to the senate and we will deal with him accordingly, we cannot be releasing money to pay workers and here you are proposing that your wife be awarded an office and salary.