Kakamega MCA Has Asked Authorities To Apprehend Sex Pests In The Area

By Andanje Wakhungu

Perverts who roam Kakamega County targeting schoolgirls have been put on notice by Mugai/Shirugu-nominated MCA Truphena Asembo. Kakamega County has been on the spot over the high number of teen pregnancies, with several cases being reported to the authorities in the county while the suspects walk around free.

The MCA warned them to either desist from the vice or face arrest. She was speaking in Malava Sub County, and she cautioned those involved in the act to style up or be brought to book. “We have recorded many early pregnancy cases involving young school-going girls within this area; the practice is being perpetuated by known people who live amongst us, and not much is being done to stop the practice by the authorities. Many of the cases go unreported, and, in some instances, those involved resort to settling the matter out of court.”

MCA Asembo noted that it was wrong for the family, especially for the girl, for third parties to agree to settle the cases out of court since it is the girl’s life at stake. Parents should let the law take its due course regarding such misdemeanours.

“With the current hard economic situation starring at many families, some sex pests have taken advantage and are on the prowl of luring young girls into illicit affairs that end up in pregnancies while still at school. This issue has affected their studies and also stigmatised them.”

She urged relevant authorities, starting from the grassroots, to carry out their full mandate and bring sanity back into the wider society, warning the local administration against presiding over Kangaroo courts over such cases. She warned them that they would not be spared.