Governor Kawira Mwangaza Says She’s Ready For By-election As MCA’s Chicken Out

By The Weekly Vision Team

Embattled Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is in support of the dissolution of the county government. Members of the County Assembly have, however, chickened out and are openly opposed to the move, saying their re-election is not guaranteed. Sources say Mr Henry Muriithi, a resident of Meru County, has filed a petition in court seeking to dissolve the County government on the grounds that it is dysfunctional.

 “The stalemate in the county between the governor and MCAs has seen the objectives of devolution as foreseen under Article 174 of the Constitution not being met. If the objectives of devolution are not being achieved in the county government of Meru, the people submit that the county ought to be dissolved at the earliest opportunity,” Muriithi said in the petition.

Kawira’s call was in reaction to reports that some organizations in the county had commenced collecting signatures in a bid to dissolve her government. She has now gone public in support of the idea, she declared. “There are a number of organizations that have started collecting signatures to dissolve the county after seeing the direction our MCAs have taken. As the governor, I am ready to support their quest,” she said.

The MCAs, on the other hand, have opposed the dissolution of the county government, saying their re-election is not guaranteed. But Kawira, according to sources, could be the greatest beneficiary if the move were to materialize, considering that she enjoys support from both President William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Osinga.

Analysts say that in the event that Ruto agrees to the dissolution, he will definitely back Kawira, and so will Raila Odinga. However, politicians in Meru who have been plotting, blocking, and bankrolling the MCAs to kick Governor Kawira out of office will be left in an awkward position.

If a by-election is to be held, chances are high that Azimio, which fronted the immediate Governor Kiraitu Murungi and who has since decamped from Azimio to the Kenya Kwanza Coalition, might not field a candidate in support of Kawira.

On the other hand, in the event that Azimio decides to front former Governor Peter Munya, then it might be a tight race, as Kiraitu is also most likely to run to reclaim the seat he lost to Mwangaza. Political pundits, however, say that Kiraitu, having decamped from Azimio to Kenya Kwanza, may not have the numbers to outscore Kawira. Further, should Azimio front Peter Munya again, it could be to the advantage of Kawira.

 During the last elections, more than half of the MCAs failed to win back their seats; the trend is now a worry to serving MCAs. Kawira was first impeached on December 14, 2023, and became the first county boss to be voted out barely three months after being sworn in.

All 67 MCAs who were present during the first impeachment session voted to remove her over abuse of office claims. She was, however, saved from impeachment after an 11-member special Senate committee found charges against her unsubstantiated. Mwangaza has, however, defended herself against the allegations, saying she has worked her best and will be re-elected based on her track record.