Western Region Police Commander Warns Sex Predators Against Targeting School Girls During Christmas Holidays 

By Andanje Wakhungu

Western region Police Commander, Kiprono Langat, has issued a stern warning to sex pests targeting school-going children during this festive season that they will be apprehended and prosecuted if found culpable of the offence.

They must desist or face the full force of the law. The commander was speaking at Kabras Police Station, where he met with sub-county police officers drawn from Navakholo Matete and Malava sub-counties to beef up security and curb crimes of various forms during the coming long holidays. Langat said it was high time parents took full responsibility for their children by monitoring and ensuring their safety all the time.

“We are now approaching the festive season, where there are going to be a lot of parties and ceremonies. Unattended girls will find themselves in such situations with the availability of alcohol and substance abuse, which they can easily be lured into before being abused by the perpetrators. That is why we are sending a warning shot to all parents; our security details are to be on the lookout for such heinous acts and apprehend the suspects.”

At the same time, he also urged parents and the local administration not to cover up on those found to have sexually abused young girls by mounting up Kangaroo and out-of-court agreements.

“Having to settle such matters outside the courts where the culprits are fined a certain amount of money to be paid to the parents of the girl is not the solution, as the girl will not have gotten justice at all, and she will be forever traumatized as she will be carrying the brunt of the ordeal throughout her life as she sees her oppressor daily walking scot-free.”

He also warned club and bar operators not to allow school-going children to merry and enjoy themselves on their premises by consuming alcoholic drinks and other substances. Langat further warned youngsters to also stop engaging in crimes, as the long arm of the government will catch up with them with stern action before they are admitted to their crimes effectively.

“We are also aware that the crime rate involving young people has gone up with break-ins and theft of properties and livestock being recorded now and then. Please, we are warning you that if we catch up with you, we will not hesitate to present you before the court of law to face criminal charges.”

He called on the local administration to work closely with the security team in disseminating information on any criminal activities happening within their localities.