Beware of Evil Eye: Couple from Eldoret Shares Horrifying Experience and How They Overcame It

Have you ever felt that someone is secretly wishing you harm or misfortune? Or, have you ever experienced a sudden change in your luck, health, or relationships?  If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you might be a victim of the evil eye, a negative gaze that can cause harm to anyone who receives it.  In this article, we will share with you the true story of an Eldoret family who suffered from the effects of evil eye and how they managed to get rid of it.

The Happy Couple

Peter Ngetich and Grace were happily married and lived in Eldoret with their lovely daughter. They had a good life, a stable income, and a harmonious relationship. Many people envied them, especially their immediate neighbours who were unhappy and also childless.

The neighbours befriended them and acted nice. But their motif was sinister, they cursed Ngetich’s family with an evil eye. They did this by bring them them a beautiful painting with an evil eye. Peter and Grace hang the painting in their living room.

The painting looked innocent and beautiful, but it was actually a source of negative energy that tormented the family. Soon Peter and Grace began having arguments, health issues, and financial troubles.

The Problems Begin

The once happy couple started to argue about petty things that were never a bone of contention before. Among the things that started to pit them was whether they would have a second child or not. The topic became a heated one and led to fistfights.

“I did not want another child completely. Initially, I remember, even before we got married, we agreed that we would have three kids. But something came over me. I detested kids. I was never interested in becoming a father again. My wife was however, incessant; she wanted a kid as soon as possible, and so we fought,” said Peter Ngetich, the man of the house.

On the other hand, the lovers argued over where their grade five daughter was going to school.

The man insisted he wanted his daughter in a boarding school, saying it would mould her into an independent woman. On her part, the lady insisted that their daughter would be a day scholar, which was their agreement even before they wedded. “I wanted to spend time with all my children. I could not figure what had come over Peter. He had changed,” said Grace.

The little girl, who was schooling in a nearby private school, started becoming ill. She also reported eye problems. She could not see the blackboard well. They had to get prescription glasses for her. She was in and out of hospital.

They did not know that their neighbour’s gift was the source of the problem.

What are effects evil eye?

“We contacted our parents, our priest, and neighbours, but there was no change. It was until we met Mugwenu doctors who helped us out by casting a spell that drove away the effects of evil eye. The herbalist also gave us love spells, and now the family is united.

Our daughter is in a day school as we had planned. My wife is pregnant with our second child just as we had proposed. Our girl is no longer ill thanks to Mugwenu doctor’s health spells,” said Peter.

Mugwenu doctors gave them a pregnancy spell that will protect the child from evil eyes, illnesses and other complications. They learned about Mugwenu Doctors from a friend whose business was failing and the herbalists revived it.

What other spells do Mugwenu Doctors offer?

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