From Terror Suspect to Canadian Bride: The Amazing Story of Esther Njeri

Esther Njeri’s life turned upside down one night, twelve years ago. She was a university student in Kenya, dating a 32-year-old man who claimed to be a shoe seller. She went to his place in Gachie for a sleepover, unaware of the danger that awaited her. She arrived at 5 pm. They watched a movie on his old laptop, cuddled in bed, and fell asleep. He left for a while around 9 pm and came back with a heavy bag at 1 am. He said it was full of shoes for his business. She didn’t question him. She trusted him. She loved him. How could she know he was a gangster?

Big guns in the bag, boyfriend shot

The next morning, they were woken up by loud knocks on the door. It was the anti-terror squad. They stormed in, searched the house, and found the bag. It was not shoes. It was guns. Big guns. Guns that were used in a terror attack in Nairobi.

Njeri realized then that her boyfriend was a gangster. He tried to run and when he was told to surrender, he pulled out a pistol and before he could do anything, the police pumped seven bullets in him. He died on the spot.

Njeri was treated as a suspect. The guns were linked to a terror attack that happened in Nairobi and other criminal activities. Her name was splashed all over the news. She was taken to court, but the case did not hold for long before it was thrown out.

Why was the green card application denied?

She was free, but her life was ruined. She lost her boyfriend, her reputation, and her dreams.

She spent months and months trying to heal and move on. Then she met Liam. He was a white man from Canada who fell in love with her beauty and her spirit. He proposed to her and asked her to come with him to Canada. He even did the traditional rituals to show his respect for her culture.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You have a light in your eyes that no one can dim. You are my soulmate, and I will never give up on you,”  Liam said to Njeri.

She was happy, but there was a problem. She couldn’t get a visa or a green card (Canadian Permanent Resident Card). The Canadian authorities rejected her application because of her criminal record and her bad publicity. She tried for three years, but nothing worked.

She was desperate, but she had a good man. Liam was patient and supportive. He visited her several times a year and assured her that they would be together soon.

How lucky charms for visa and green card applications work?

She decided to seek the help of a herbalist. Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248 gave her a potion to drink and a pendant to wear before her next interview. He said they would make her lucky and charm the immigration officer. She thought he was crazy, but she had nothing to lose. And it worked. It really worked.

“He gave me a potion and a pendant he said had lucky charms. He said they would make me lucky and charm the immigration officers. I thought he was crazy, but I had nothing to lose,” Njeri explained.

A week from the date, she received communication from the immigration department. They wrote to her saying that her immigration status had been reviewed following intervention from the high commission of Canada in Kenya and the courts.

She did as he said and went for the interview. It was easy. She was calm and confident. The officer was friendly and impressed. He approved her application. She couldn’t believe it.

She got her documents and flew to Canada to meet Liam. They hugged and kissed and cried. They were finally together.

They recently visited Kenya and would stay until January 2024 just to ensure they enjoy the festive season in  Njeri’s Muranga home, where Liam has built a simple but comfy mansion for his parents-in-law and themselves.

Last week, they visited Mugwenu Doctors at their offices in Majengo Town with a token of appreciation for their intervention that ended up in a blossoming love story that will be told for ages in Kenya.

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