Woman Withdraws Divorce Case From Court After Fire Bedroom Action With Hubby She Wanted To Dump

Would you consider withdrawing a divorce case you have filed in court if your spouse impresses you with their last-ditch actions to save the union? A woman just did that, and she is the talk of town

Kitengela – A Kenyan couple has amused social media users after they opened up about how their marriage that was on the brink of collapse was saved. In her words, Juliet said that her relationship with Pastor Mark (her husband) started with a one-night stand.

The same one-night stand, she said, saved her marriage months after she filed for a divorce at the family court. Juliet married preacher Mark in 2017.

Pastor desserts wife to go preach

Between 2017 and 2018, the marriage was rosy. But from 2018, there was trouble in paradise.

“All of a sudden, Mark started having church missions that would last weeks and months. Sometimes, he would go out of the country for fellowship and return after a month. There was a time he came home after three and a half months. I became tired. I wanted to spend more time with him. I wanted to enjoy the goodies in marriage. But he was never there. After three years, I decided to file for a divorce on grounds of desertion,” Juliet narrated.

Before the divorce was filed, she had always complained to her man and called a few elders, but he never seemed to understand the weight of the situation.

He just assumed that his wife was okay because he used to send her money and buy her a few gifts. When the man of God was served with the papers, it was a shocker for him.

“I thought I was doing enough, but I wasn’t for sure. I realized that she needed me more than the money and gifts. I knew it was time to save my marriage. I tried to talk to her, talked to her parents and our friends but she had made up her mind and she was going. Even as a pastor who counsels couples, there was nothing I could do,” Mark narrated.

How did Mugwenu Doctors help the SDA pastor?

He says that one of his friends, an SDA pastor, is the one who gave him an idea that saved the marriage. The pastor connected him with Mugwenu Doctors, who are experts in solving relationship problems.

The SDA pastor confirmed that Mugwenu Doctors had helped him recover over KSh 400,000 he had lost to a call girl who had visited his home in Donholm. On contacting Mugwenu Doctors, they told Pastor Mark that they were going to use a spell that would destroy the ongoing divorce case.

They, however, told him that his actions to desert his wife were uncalled for. They asked him if he was indeed serious about restoring his marriage, and he said yes, and the anti-divorce spell was cast. After the spell, he was asked to go see his wife and talk to her, which he did.

“I did not believe it, when I just arrived home and looked at her, she smiled. I hugged her tight and cried telling her how much I was sorry and that I wanted to make amends,” the man continued.

How do spells to block divorce work?

On her part, Juliet says she felt very light on that day. Her heart was beating hard and fast.

“I felt like I was in love again after a long time. What followed was some nice bedroom moments. And the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, the ninth cloud has been my portion nearly every day. Weeh, ni mtamu saana, I can’t allow another woman to enjoy that thing,” she narrated.

In mid-2021, a few weeks after the case had been filed, she went and withdrew it. They are now a happy couple blessed with two kids.

They are operating a church in Kitengela. Mark no longer goes for his long missions. But when he has to go, they go together.

The marriage of Juliet and Pastor Mark is among the hundreds that Mugwenu Doctors have saved from treading the path of divorce using their powerful anti-divorce spells.

These spells work like love spells by increasing the degree of love between the parties that are almost separating and also slowing down the divorce case and, at last, ensuring it is successfully withdrawn from court without complications, just like the case of Juliet and Mark.

Here are some mixed reactions we sampled from people who interacted with the story:

Mary: Wow, that’s amazing! I’m so happy for them. Love always wins in the end.

JohnEmma: What a stupid decision. She should have dumped him and moved on. He doesn’t deserve her forgiveness.

Tom16797: This is so dumb. They’re just delaying the inevitable. They’ll be back in court sooner or later.

Lisa Spikes: I don’t get it. Why would she take him back after he deserted her? Does she have no self-respect?

KinuthiaJD: Good for them. Divorce is not the answer. They need to work on their marriage and trust God.

AnnaNyathira: This is so unrealistic. No woman in her right mind would do that.

David@Mutola: I wish my ex-wife had done the same. I still love her and miss her every day. Maybe there’s still hope for us.

Sara_Mwadime: This is so inspiring. I’m going through a similar situation and this gives me hope. Maybe I should give my husband another chance.

Mark Gibendi: This is so unfair. She should have taken him to the cleaners and made him pay for his mistakes. He got off too easy.

EmmaNgugi: This is so romantic. He must have really loved her and regretted his actions. I hope they live happily ever after.

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