Exposed: How Healthy U Management Is Frustrating Employees

By The Weekly Vision Team

All does not seem to be well at supplement provider Healthy U, as the management continues to ignore the plight of its employees. The once-vibrant company, whose mission was to cultivate a culture of healthy eating and conscious living, is today a pale shadow of its former self, with employees’ morale at its lowest ebb.

At the centre of it all, is Human Resources Manager Jackline Kinyua, who is facing heavy criticism from employees for unfair labour practices. Members of staff who spoke to us on a strict condition of anonymity for fear of victimization claim that they continue to suffer under the leadership of Kinyua. Disgruntled employees say they have come to the media to have this matter catch the attention of the Central Union of Trade Union officials to take quick action.

According to the employees, since Kinyua took over as HR Manager of the organization, there have been several cases of unfair dismissal and termination of employee contracts without valid reasons. Available records indicate that so far, over 200 employees have been rendered jobless since she took up the position two years ago. To further show this lady’s reign at Healthy U is dictatorial; members of staff have been denied representation in any workers’ union.

There have been cases of several employees being moved from permanent contracts and redeployed as casuals. Attempts by the employees to have their grievances addressed amicably have always remained futile, as Kinyua and Group Finance Director Ngirish Chingapur have always frustrated such efforts. We have also gathered that there are allegations about the status of Chingapur’s work permit, with claims that his work permit may have expired.