Man Who Failed KCSE, Never Joined University, Became A Drunk Narrates How He Became Millionaire

Have you ever asked yourself why some people tend to suffer in a family despite working so hard? Misfortune just seems to follow them every day. What is the cause of this?

Busia The Ayaya’s are a happy family living in Busia, Kenya. Ayaya and his wife are blessed four children: three girls and one boy. The boy is called Ochieng and is a business magnet widely known in Busia and Yala towns. Two of the girls are twins and Ochieng is the last born.

The Ayayas own a wholesale shop in Busia town center, where they sell various goods to the local traders. But what many people do not know is the painful story behind Ochieng’s success that has made his father proud of him despite the old man having hated him so badly. Ochieng and his sisters went to good schools. The girls were very bright and hardworking. They excelled in their studies and extracurricular activities.

Bright daughters but son is a disgrace

They won many awards and scholarships throughout their academic journey. They all went to university and graduated with honours. One of the ladies became a lawyer, the other a doctor, and the other one is a secondary school teacher. They are all married to successful men and live the life many women envy and dream of.

Ochieng, on the other hand, was the opposite of his sisters. He was lazy and rebellious. He did not like school and often skipped classes. He hung out with bad company and got into trouble. He failed his exams and barely managed to get a C- in KCSE. He could not join college and had no skills or ambition. He impregnated three village girls and refused to take responsibility. He became a drunkard and wasted his life on cheap liquor and gambling using his father’s hard-earned money.

His parents and sisters were ashamed and angry with him. They tried to help him, but he rejected their advice. He became a common guest at the local police station, where his father would deposit him whenever he felt that the young man had become excessively unruly. They gave up on him and cut him off from their lives. They considered him a disgrace and a burden to the family.

Black sheep of the family

His mother, however, still loved him and prayed for him. She could not bear to see her son ruin his life. She sought help from various sources, but none of them worked. “I wanted the best for him. He made me go crazy, but he is my son, and I love him regardless of what he does. If I don’t love him, who will,” said Pamela Ayaya, Ochieng’s mother.

During her quest to find a solution for her son’s unruly behaviour, Pamela says she heard about Mugwenu Doctors, a group of traditional healers with the power to solve any problem. She decided to give them a try and contacted them. “I had tried elders, pastors, prophets and motivational speakers but there was no change. I decided to try Mugwenu Doctors, I had nothing to lose,” she continued.

Mugwenu Doctors visited her home and examined Ochieng. They told her that he was suffering from a generational curse that had been placed on him. They said that the curse was the reason why he was the black sheep of the family and why he could not succeed in anything. They assured her that they could break the curse and restore his destiny.

They performed a ritual that involved herbs, candles, and chants. They sprinkled some powder on Ochieng and told him to repeat some words. They then gave him a talisman to wear around his neck and told him to follow their instructions.

How Mugwenu Doctors destroy bad spirits

Ochieng felt a strange sensation in his body. He felt a surge of energy and clarity. He realized that he had been living a foolish and wasteful life. He felt ashamed and remorseful. “Later, I just apologised to my mother and begged for her forgiveness. I felt like a curtain had dropped in front of me and opened my life to reality. I reached out to my father and sisters and asked for their pardon. It is amazing how I changed and become a better person,” Ochieng narrated.

His family was surprised and skeptical at first, but they saw that he was sincere and gave him another chance.

His father welcomed him back to the family business and taught him how to run it. His sisters are helping him take care of the kids from the girls he had impregnated. His mother continues to support him with love and encouragement. Ochieng worked hard and learned fast. He proved to be a good businessman and a good father.

“I stopped drinking and gambling and focused on my goals. I saved money and invested wisely. I expanded the family business and opened a new branch in Yala town. I want to become a respected and successful member of the society,” he expressed.

The larger family of the Ayaya are proud and happy with him and this includes Busia people who know the family of the Ayayas.

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