What’s Happening At Directline Assurance?

Clients Ask Tough Questions

By The Weekly Vision Team

All is not well at Directline Assurance with some clients raising serious complaints against the management, especially on matters to do with settlement of claims. Disgruntled clients have been posting complaints on the company’s official Facebook page. The Weekly Vision decided to sample some of the complaints that need to be addressed urgently.

One Moses Lagat wrote, “Directline Assurance, you are conning people with Bima Tap. It’s now been one hour, and I have not received feedback from you after payment. You are not picking calls…” while John Ndege Olechuani posted “Geoffrey Riechi Orina I think this thing doesn’t work. I sent and paid yesterday, but nothing has come through. Their numbers never go through. Emails not responded to”.

Deno Deno, in his post, asked, Do you people have guys managing customer care desks? Inquiries go unanswered. Poor of you, while Mr Danchez Belteshazzar Were posted: Free advice. From my own experience, these people don’t settle their claims. If you only need a sticker for your windshield, go ahead, but if you need someone reliable who will sort you out when you need them, stay as far as possible from these people.

Philip Kosambo claimed, “I paid for a cover; it’s been almost a week since I received my sticker. Customer service is horrible (Kamiti guy kando), while Evans Che posted, “Si mbaya, but also remember to give clients the rules and regulations when taking policy. This thing of eti, you broke this rule, and yet you were not taken through those rules; you could not help anything. This is because I’ve had a problem for almost a year now, but the burden has fallen to my side alone.”.

Wesly Kariuki claimed in his post that “very fake people paid for my insurance, and I haven’t received it, and they are not picking up the phone or responding in any way. Atieno Mak’odingo wrote, “Directline Assurance is the worst insurance company. Insure with them at your own risk.”.

Jessy Swinnerstone, in a lengthy post, reported, “The most frustrating insurance company I’ve had to deal with. You guys really do enjoy taking people round and round. I’ve been following up on my bike claims since May, when I got into an accident. The cash in lieu thing was denied until we opted to have the mechanic repair the bike, then you guys were to pay him, but ni story tu. The mechanic has already repaired the bike, but he can’t release it until you guys pay him. I have been to your offices countless times, but nothing. Your team on the 11th floor is a mess. Please look into this matter ASAP. I’ve really been nice, but I can’t keep up with your fake promises. KMFE 202X is my claim reference. Your ‘noma achia directline’ tagline is a joke if you keep frustrating your clients.”

Shalom Moi, in his post, reported, “Good evening. I am a client who has been disappointed with your insurance company. I have been patient for over a month for my car to either be repaired or compensated. I have lost money during this period, but I am still having a very hard time! Why is my process so slow? I was promised on-time responses. KCQ 363D”

Ndegea Washington, in his claim, wrote, “Directline Assurance is the fakest company around. These awards from Think Business are just sham awards, and anyone, including you, can get them. They are meant to dupe members of the public. The Association of Kenya Insurers dissociated from these awards over five years ago, but companies like Directline, which are desperate for publicity, still go for them. Stop being duped, ladies and gentlemen. #StayWoke.”

Another anonymous client wrote, “Most people complaining about windscreen claims should know that it takes hours, if not minutes, to pay a windscreen claim. This is because a car is not legally on the road with a damaged windshield. A company that cannot pay a windscreen claim should be shut down immediately, like Directline does. #StayWoke”.

Melvin Omuyoma Opijah, still on windscreen claims, wrote, “Directline Assurance windscreen claims are never settled. You call the claims department, and they tell us to stop disturbing us. Kindly check when the documents for KCK 055E were submitted. You are just about to get the all-time insurance mediocrity award. And on the same windscreen matter, Gichui Ole Enchui wrote, “KCD 362N… 8 months later. Comprehensive cover. Windscreen claim bado”.

Stephen Chege, in a lengthy post, demanded to know, “Is Directline going down? Is it able to pay claims? They have a series of excuses, a lot of lies, and unprofessionalism that have been engaging them since March for a write-off, to the extent of not being able to pick up a salvage from a garage that is accumulating charges.

I have noted

  1. No response to emails
  2. Lies from the top claim personnel and their leaders, who only act when they see you.
  3. Pettiness is hiding information to ensure they have something to say.
  4. There is no respect for the client either.
  5. A claim as low as 350K? Ask KCP 515L if he has better words.

Once again, is Directline going down?

A disgruntled Njuguna M Erick posted, “Sasa kama zenye tunakujia kwa offisii hamlipi kazi yenu ni kuzungusha mtu na hizi je? Anyone looking for an insurance policy must be very careful when choosing Directline Assurance. Chunga husije ukalia kama mimi,” while Paul M. Kiguru posted, “Why are you guys not paying claims since November 2022? Are you serious?”

Maalim Is’haaq Miruka complained of poor customer care and posted, “Directline Assurance, what is the problem, surely? I am calling, but the calls are not being picked. Neither am I following up on any claim nor am I reporting any, but I am just calling you in order to forward my cover (kda745g) through my email. I was to travel from Kendu Bay in the morning, but my cover had not been sent to me.”.

Still, on poor customer care, Martin Munene posted, “Ile madharau nlifanyiwa, I cannot recommend mtu achukue policy na nyinyi,” while Amb Linus Mwangi claimed, “I have a windscreen claim from August 2022 to date… The refund has not yet been processed”.