Former Somali Minister Fawzia Adam To Challenge Raila Odinga For AUC Chairmanship

Former Somali Foreign Affairs Minister Fawzia Adam has thrown her hat into the ring for the African Union Commission (AUC) chairmanship, setting the stage for a competitive duel with Kenya’s Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio coalition.

 Fawzia’s candidature marks a significant development in the race for the AUC leadership, making her the second woman to express interest in the seat. With the backing of her country, Fawzia is poised to challenge Odinga, who has already intensified his bid and secured endorsements from seven countries, including Tanzania, DRC Congo, and South Africa.

 The entry of Fawzia Adam into the race signals a Kenya-Somalia duel, where regional politics and diplomatic relations will come into play to determine the outcome. Odinga, in response to Fawzia’s candidacy, has ramped up his efforts, seeking support from key African leaders, including a planned meeting with Rwandan President Paul Kagame to secure his vote.

 The competition between Fawzia and Odinga also reignites tensions between Kenya and Somalia, particularly over the maritime border dispute in the Indian Ocean. Kenya’s influence as a regional powerhouse will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the outcome of the AUC chairmanship race, with diplomatic manoeuvres expected to be in full force.

 Prime Cabinet Secretary Msalem Davadi’s meeting with former Sports and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed underscores Kenya’s strategic focus on securing the AUC chairmanship. Under the AUC rotational rules, East Africa, which is expected to produce the current chair, has the opportunity to field multiple candidates, intensifying the competition between Fawzia and Odinga for the coveted position.