Cracks Widen In UDA Party As Former Migori Governor Okoth Obado Is Accused Of Dictatorship  

A rift has emerged within the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party in Migori County, with a faction of party leaders accusing former governor Okoth Obado of exacerbating division within the party. Fred Siengo, the county UDA party coordinator, spearheaded the dissenting voices, alleging that Obado, in his capacity as the Nyanza region UDA party manager, has been sidelining other leaders and unilaterally orchestrating party affairs.

Siengo criticized a recent meeting convened at Obado’s residence in Rapogi, Uriri sub-county, noting that key party figures in Migori county were excluded from the proceedings. Asserting the significance of adhering to established party structures and leadership protocols, Siengo emphasized the need for collective decision-making processes within the party, warning against individual actions that may undermine unity.

Furthermore, Siengo expressed concerns over newcomers who joined UDA after the 2022 general election, asserting their attempts to assert control over the party while sidelining longstanding members. Echoing Siengo’s concerns, Bevin Bhoke stressed the importance of unity within the party in Migori County, urging established UDA party leaders to take the lead in meetings and provide necessary guidance, while also calling for respect towards experienced members.

In contrast, during a previous gathering held a week ago, Obado acknowledged internal discord within UDA, acknowledging differences among party members in their commitment and direction. Affirming his authority as the regional manager, Obado called for cohesive action among party leaders in the region.

The widening rift within the UDA party in Migori County underscores the broader challenges facing the party as it navigates internal dynamics and seeks to foster cohesion amidst competing interests.