Former CS Peter Munya Criticizes Kenya Kwanza Government Over High Taxes: Calls For Urgent Economic Reforms

Former Cabinet Secretaries Peter Munya and Mutahi Kagwe have strongly condemned the Kenya Kwanza government’s taxation policies, particularly targeting farmers and citizens across the country. Their remarks came during a public address in Karama, Meru County, where they highlighted the detrimental effects of excessive taxation on the nation’s economic well-being.

 Former CS Munya, previously in charge of Agriculture, voiced concerns over the heavy tax burden imposed on farmers, emphasizing the need for policies that support and encourage agricultural development. He emphasized that taxing farm produce before processing or sale is counterproductive and hampers the growth of the agricultural sector.

 “We cannot determine the value of farm produce until it’s processed and sold. Taxing it at the farm gate is unjustifiable. Our focus should be on improving farming practices and supporting our farmers,” Munya asserted. Former CS Kagwe, who headed the Health Ministry, raised alarm over the neglect of education and technological advancement in Kenya compared to neighbouring countries. He criticized the government’s short-sighted approach of taxing citizens before they even earn a living, highlighting the adverse impact on the nation’s future prosperity.

 “We cannot afford to lag behind in education while other nations progress. Taxing people before they even earn is hindering our youth’s potential to contribute to our economy. We must prioritize education and technology for long-term growth,” Kagwe emphasized. Both Munya and Kagwe called for urgent economic reforms to shift Kenya’s focus from a nation of hustlers to one of hardworking prosperity. They urged the government to reevaluate its taxation policies and prioritize long-term economic development over short-term gains.

“Our vision is clear: we aim to transform Kenya into a nation characterized by diligence and wealth, not mere hustle. It’s time for comprehensive economic reforms to secure our future prosperity,” Munya concluded, echoing the sentiments of many citizens seeking sustainable economic policies.

 Their remarks highlight growing concerns among citizens and former government officials regarding the need for responsible taxation and strategic economic planning to ensure Kenya’s long-term growth and prosperity.