Leaders Advocate For Transparency In Political Party Membership Register

Leaders in Bungoma are urging the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) to address fraudulent practices and ensure transparency in political party membership registers. Led by Deputy Speaker of the Bungoma County Assembly, Stephen Wamalwa, they voiced concerns over individuals being listed as members of political parties without their knowledge.

 Speaking emphatically in Bungoma Town, Wamalwa and his colleagues highlighted the unethical nature of political parties poaching members without their consent. They stressed the importance of transparency and informed decision-making in joining political movements, emphasizing that individuals should have a clear understanding of a party’s objectives before becoming members.

 Wamalwa recalled past incidents where political parties resorted to questionable tactics to increase their membership, including a notable incident involving the Ford Kenya Party. He underscored the critical role of the ORPP in safeguarding the integrity of political party registers and preventing such manipulative practices.

 Anne Nderitu, the political party registrar, assured the Bungoma leaders of the ORPP’s commitment to fairness and accessibility of services nationwide. She acknowledged the challenges posed by fraudulent registrations and pledged to address them effectively.

 Nderitu also discussed the ORPP’s efforts to enhance transparency, including making the register of members publicly available for inspection. Despite initial resistance, she emphasized the importance of empowering Kenyans to verify their party affiliations and ensure accurate representation.

 The leaders in Bungoma commended the ORPP’s initiatives and called for continued collaboration between political stakeholders and regulatory authorities to uphold transparency and accountability in Kenya’s political landscape.