Kisii County Deputy Governor Impeachment Drama Continues To Unfold

The drama surrounding the leadership of Kisii County continues to unfold after Machakos High Court halted the publication of a notice declaring the Deputy Governor position vacant, following Dr. Robert Mwanda’s recent impeachment by the Senate. The decision came after voter Jared Mayrura Ratemo filed a petition against the Senate.

In an urgent ruling, Justice Ole Francis Rayola suspended the notice until the Milimani Commercial Court hears the case in April. This development came just hours after Kisii Governor Simba Arati appointed Elijah Ubebo as his deputy, in accordance with the Constitution.

 Elijah Ubebo, the current County Public Service Board Chair, was nominated by Governor Arati, a move that seemed to garner support from the Kisii County Assembly. Majority Leader Moracha expressed confidence in Ubebo’s appointment, citing his performance on the public service board and his roots in Nyaribari, the same region as the former Deputy Governor, Dr. Robert Monda.

The appointment of Ubebo appeared to unite the assembly, with members showing satisfaction with the governor’s decision. However, concerns were raised about the procedural aspects of the appointment, with hopes that it would contribute to the smooth delivery of services and development in Kisii County.

As the legal battle ensues and political dynamics evolve, all eyes remain on Kisii County, awaiting further developments in this unfolding saga.