Trans Nzoia Farmers Ask For Probe Into Counterfeit Seed On The Market

In light of mounting challenges in the agricultural sector, particularly the proliferation of counterfeit inputs, farmers in Trans Nzoia County are urging authorities to launch a comprehensive investigation into seed production companies across the country. The call for action comes as farmers prepare for the planting season, reiterating the urgent need for genuine and high-quality seeds to sustain maize production and mitigate potential losses.

Local farmers in Trans Nzoia County have voiced their concerns over the prevalence of fake seeds in the market, emphasising the detrimental impact on crop yields and food security. They highlighted the critical role of regulatory oversight and enforcement measures in ensuring that farmers have access to reliable seeds essential for agricultural productivity.

In response to these pressing issues, the Kenya Seed Company, represented by Managing Director Sammy Chebsiror, has reaffirmed its commitment to upholding stringent standards of seed production. Chebsiror pledged to collaborate closely with government authorities and law enforcement agencies to combat the illicit trade in counterfeit seeds effectively. The company now aims to implement robust strategies to identify and apprehend perpetrators involved in the distribution of fake seeds, thereby safeguarding the interests of farmers and preserving the integrity of the seed industry.