Government Addresses Concerns Over Distribution Of Fake Fertiliser

Government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura has responded to recent concerns over the distribution of counterfeit fertiliser, saying the government has taken steps to address the issue. He promised transparency and accountability in the supply chain. Mr Mwaura clarified that in addition to the official distribution system, fertiliser has also been distributed through agro-vets and other outlets, which may have served as conduits for fake products to be introduced by unscrupulous people. Mwaura reassured the public that all fertilisers under the government-subsidised programme are sold in clearly labelled bags, indicating their authenticity.

As a precautionary measure, over 2,650 bags of fertilizer that had already been supplied to farmers have been recalled. These enforcement efforts aim to disrupt the supply chain of fake fertilisers and prevent further distribution to unsuspecting farmers. Last month, in Kakamega, authorities impounded 700 50-kilogramme bags of counterfeit fertiliser, while in Nakuru, detectives seized 560 bags intended for delivery to Molo NCPB stores.