Bishop Ole Sapit Declares Start Of 100 Days Family-Oriented Bible Studies In All ACK Churches

Members of the Anglican Church of Kenya have welcomed the launch of 100 days of family Bible studies by Bishop Jackson Ole Sapitat at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi. A member of the church Mr Benson Oboyia told The Weekly Vision how the family unit was under attack from many quarters and needed to be defended. Mr Oboyia spoke to us on Sunday, April 21 2024 after witnessing the launch in Nairobi; he said it was a step in the right direction that will ground the youth into proper ethical and moral values according to God’s word.

“There are pressures coming from different quarters that are impacting negatively on the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow and need to walk, and conduct themselves in the true light of God that is well portrayed by biblical scripture” he said, adding that the current wave of alcohol and drug abuse among sections of the youth who have become completely hopeless to themselves, their families and society was the most unfortunate development that must be arrested. 

“There can be no society or future generation without the institution of the family so it is imperative that the unit be preserved and strengthened against winds and doctrines that are not in keeping with scripture”, he said. The institution of the family, comprising a man and a woman who leave their families and join to become one remains the cornerstone of the right and straight way of preserving society as we have always known it.

He said it is unfortunate that some elements are preaching a false doctrine and misleading youth into strange lifestyles that add no real value and present the biggest threat to the family unit as we know it.

The ACK church led by the head of the church Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit declared 100 days during which Family oriented Bible study will be vigorously conducted across all the churches and social units to advance the scriptural goals of the family as it has been known over the years when Jesus Christ laid the foundation through his death and resurrection.