Journalists Condemn Israel For Shutting Down Aljezera TV In Jerusalem

The Global Partnership Organization (GPO), in partnership with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), has condemned a decision by the Israeli government to shut down the Aljezera TV network in Jerusalem over claims that the media house had become a mouthpiece of Hamas.

In a press statement, the GPO described the move as an unfortunate violation of freedom of the press by a country that prides itself on being a democracy upholding the rule of law and protecting fundamental freedoms. “The timing of this draconian move that saw a contingent of Israeli troops surround the Jerusalem Aljazera TV offices and dismantle masts and confiscate phones and equipment goes against the freedom of the press as enshrined in the UN charter and the international commission of jurists,” the statement read.

Israel claims that Aljazeera has become biased in its reporting. The claim flies in the face of evidence as the network has been bringing blow-by-blow live coverage of the fighting in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinian civilians have been killed, including women and children, drawing public outrage. The move has equally drawn anger from journalists around the world, including Reporters without Borders, the Commonwealth Journalists Association, the East African Correspondents, and the Kenya Union of Journalists. IFJ said in a statement on its website that the Israeli move was putting hostage negotiations with Hamas at grave risk, and any offensive in Rafah could deal the last nail to any chance of a peaceful return of those being held hostage since October 7, 2023.