Revealed: Three Conditions The Kenyatta Family Has Imposed On DP Gachagua

By The Weekly Vision Reporter

Discussions surrounding the strained relationship between Deputy President Rigathi Gachagwa and members of the prominent Jomo Kenyatta family continue unabated, with little hope of reconciliation in sight despite calls for forgiveness from the DP side. An apology that was extended by the DP to the former first lady, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, and former president, Uhuru Kenyatta, seems to have been accepted with conditions.

The Kenyatta family has been reluctant to publicly acknowledge the DP’s gesture, at least in public, but it has come to light that the family may have responded in private with demands that the DP adhere to certain conditions before they publicly acknowledge his apology. Reports suggest that the Kenyattas have also set a condition for the Deputy President to join their political movement, whose main aim is to lock President William Ruto out of the Mount Kenya region in the coming elections. 

The political movement was formed at the Limuru 3 meeting, where participants agreed to form a coalition known as the Haki Coalition, with Uhuru Kenyatta as the undisputed kingpin. The Deputy President has offered a chance to join the movement. According to sources, Mama Ngina has made it clear that she will only consider accepting the Deputy President’s apologies if he actively participates in the movement to prevent President William Ruto from gaining support in the mountain region. This condition is seen as a form of revenge against the president for allegedly staging a coup against Uhuru Kenyatta in the run-up to the last general elections. 

It is said that the other condition imposed by the Kenyatta family on the DP is that he should serve under Uhuru Kenyatta in the coalition and disregard his status as the region’s key figure by being the Deputy President for his apology to be accepted. The DP must fulfil the third condition of supporting one man, one shilling, and one vote. The DP has already yielded to the demands and is already working with the family ahead of the upcoming elections, despite facing strong opposition from the president.

As these events unfold, the DP is gradually gaining sympathy from his supporters from the mountain, with sources suggesting that Uhuru Kenyatta may be open to the idea of welcoming him into the Jubilee party, to reposition the party as an exclusive platform for the mountain region and a significant player in the 2027 elections. Reports indicate that should Gachagua fully agree to the demands put forward by the Kenyatta family and adhere to the resolutions of Limuru 3, the Haki coalition could potentially endorse a presidential candidate from within Mount Kenya with Mr Gachagua as the beneficiary.