Has Kalonzo Musyoka Given Up On His Presidential Bid?

By The Weekly Vision Reporter

The sudden disappearance of Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka from the political scene has left many asking whether he has abandoned his presidential dream. Those who have observed the unfolding political activities in the country lately will acknowledge that Mr. Kalonzo has essentially disappeared from public view, while his Wiper Party is no longer carrying out political activities. 

Immediately after Raila Odinga revealed his intention to run for the African Union Commission chairmanship bid, Kalonzo confidently declared himself as the de facto Azimio leader, brushing off the disapproval of Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua. Sources, however, say that Mr. Kalonzo’s disappearance from the local political stage is a deliberate retreat to mobilize resources, arguing that the 2027 presidential elections will be unprecedentedly expensive. Others say he may have surrendered his presidential ambitions altogether. 

 Many readers will recall how Mr Kalonzo participated in various political activities in Ukambani and neighbouring counties towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. He was also blessed by the Kikuyu council of elders. However, he has not yet engaged in any substantial political endeavours of late, apart from the recent briefing to the media over the Finance Bill 2024.

 There is also speculation suggesting that he is in covert discussions with retired President Uhuru Kenyatta about the upcoming 2027 presidential elections. Reports indicate that, in the wake of the Limuru 3 resolutions, the mountain region is likely to throw its support behind Kalonzo. Nonetheless, a separate school of thought argues that Kalonzo has curtailed his political involvement because of financial difficulties. There have been murmurs that Kalonzo’s primary sponsors have essentially abandoned him after he opted out of the 2022 presidential campaign to throw his support behind Raila Odinga. 

Recognizing the substantial financial requirements of presidential elections, Kalonzo may encounter constraints in launching an early campaign due to limited financial resources. Despite his prior indications and adoption of the slogan “Mapema ndio best,” it remains uncertain whether he will be able to actualize his intentions.

The truth of the matter is that Kalonzo counts on the support of his friends and affluent Ukambani businessmen to fund his election campaigns, as he lacks the financial muscle to do so, like in the 2007 presidential race, when he received financial backing from tycoons in Ukambani. 

Reports suggest that the 2027 elections will be characterized by intense rivalry, as they are poised to centre on Mount Kenya’s retaliatory agenda against William Ruto. Consequently, speculations are circulating about discussions between Uhuru and Kalonzo. 

Rumours have it that the Kenyatta family is poised to allocate a substantial sum of money towards supporting a candidate to ensure Ruto’s presidency lasts only one term. Sources indicate that the family is willing to spare no expense, regardless of the billions required, to prevent Ruto from being re-elected in 2027. 

In terms of politics, the groups that Ruto has let down are likely to form a coalition against him in 2027. The next election is predicted to be a showdown between Uhuru and Ruto, with Kalonzo being the compromised candidate for Uhuru.