Call For Calm As Parliament Resume Finance Bill 2024 Debate

The Public Benefits Organisation National Federation of Kenya (PBO-NF) has supported calls by President Dr William Ruto for calm as parliament debates and amends the 2024–2025 Finance Bill. In a press statement yesterday, PBO national federation chairman Stephen Kipchumba Cheboi said the president had correctly hailed the youth for peacefully ventilating their views on the Finance Bill through street demonstrations, but warned that some wrong elements could easily abuse this to foment chaos and break the law.
“While we agree with President Ruto, who has in fact supported the youth for making their voices heard on the pending 2024-2025 Finance Bill, some wrong elements who like to fish in troubled waters are already preparing to hijack the protests to advance their own agenda that breaks the law,” Cheboi said while referring to protests planned for Tuesday and Thursday when the vote on the bill will be carried out in parliament.
Cheboi has urged Nairobi city residents to go on with their daily activities and refuse to incite discord, which has generated unnecessary tension, with some families even stocking on food and essentials fearing prolonged unrest.
“As a federation, we refuse to be arm-twisted into lawless acts of violence and urge our members everywhere to be ambassadors of peace and restrain,” Cheboi said in the statement, noting that the country was bigger than any class or social interest and stressing that the young people must respect the rule of law and not be misused by some political hotheads.
Cheboi said some hardliners within the political and religious space had taken advantage of the protests mobilised by youth using social media platforms to carry out lawless acts that border on treason, saying the government of the day that was duly elected and sworn in should not be subjected to rebellion that could have far-reaching political and social consequences.