Senator Ledama Advice To Meru Governor Mwangaza- Seek Consensus With Your MCAs

 Narok county senator Ledama Ole Kina has asked Meru County governor Kawira Mwangaza to seek consensus with her MCAs first so as to develop synergy with them amid an escalating tiff being witnessed in the county assembly.

“She doesn’t realize that even the budget she is working under is Kiraitu Murungi’s. The first thing she ought to do is to try and seek consensus, to develop synergy with the legislative part of the government because soon she will be submitting supplementary budgets,” the Senator said. “The Governor needs to realise that unless she has the support of MCAs, her budget will not pass”

Squabbles at the Meru County assembly began soon after complete mayhem broke out on Wednesday last week, when the MCAs walked out on the governor after she supposedly made entry into the assembly against House procedure. On her part, Mwangaza termed the action by the MCAs as a way to compel her to submit to their demands but she vowed not to be subdued.

The row escalated further on Sunday when members of the Meru County assembly woke up to find their WhatsApp group “Meru County Assembly” disbanded, a group that appeared to be the only link between them and the governor. In her defense the governor noted that the group was pointless after the county’s legislators accused her of ignoring their demands yet among other measures, she had formed the WhatsApp group as an easier line of communication.

“I am the one who created the WhatsApp group, how do you stay in the same group yet you do not get along? If you can’t agree, you leave the group,” she charged. “However, removing them from a WhatsApp group is not reason enough to report me to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC),” Governor Mwangaza added.

Earlier reports indicate that the embattled Meru governor is on the EACC radar for various allegations touching on nepotism, conflict of interest, and irregular recruitment. Mwangaza is said to have hired her sisters as her aides and her husband Murega Baicu as the county youth patron and hustlers’ ambassador.

Story By Lavin Atieno

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