Wafula Wamunyinyi Reveals Why He Skipped Contesting For The Senate Seat During August Polls

Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) party leader Wafula Wamunyinyi over the weekend revealed why he shelved his senate bid in the August polls. Mr Wamunyinyi spoke to The Weekly Vision at the DAP-K party offices in Bungoma town on Saturday. He said that he decided to run for the parliamentary seat instead because he did not want the Ford Kenya party feud with National assembly speaker Moses Wetangula to continue.

“I did not want to join the Senate to compete Wetangula because he would have thought that I was following him up after having differences in Ford Kenya party,” Wamunyinyi said. He noted that his differences with Wetang’ula are over and he wants to be the Senator so that he can play his oversight role. On Saturday the DAP-K leaders announced that they would run for the Senate seat for the by-election slated for December 8th.

I am experienced enough to do that job, I have fought for the farmers’ interests while in the national assembly. If I become the senator I will do much,”- Wafula Wamunyinyi

Wamunyinyi told The Weekly Vision that he is the Azimio la Umoja one Kenya candidate adding that he has done wide consultation before arriving at the decision. He said that all the Azimio la Umoja leaders have seconded his candidature saying that they will be coming to the ground to campaign for him. He argues that Bungoma needs a serious leader who will do his oversight role without compromise.

He also said that pressure was piled on him by residents to contest for the Senatorial race, adding that he is experienced enough to lead as the Senator. The DAP-K leader affirmed that if voted for as the next Senator he will keep governor Lusaka’s administration in check to ensure that the people of Bungoma realize the developments as pledged by governor Lusaka during his campaigns.

“Out of the Senatorial aspirants seeking to replace Wetang’ula I am experienced enough to do that job, I have fought for the farmers’ interests while in the national assembly. If I can become the senator I will do much,” he said. Wamunyinyi called on other aspirants to carry out peaceful campaigns during the by-elections.

Mr Wamunyinyi noted that Azimio la Umoja leaders are pushing for the release of Sirisia lawmaker John Waluke asking President Ruto’s government to be fair while applying for the rule of law. “We should be treated fairly as Kenyans, we will not allow some to be released as others rot in jail, Waluke should be released because he is an elected MP he needs to serve his constituents,” he added.

Dr Eseli Simiyu said that it is good for the national assembly speaker Moses Wetang’ula to promote his former PA Wafula Wakoli to be the Senator saying that the Senatorial seat is too big for Mr Wakoli. The EX- Tongaren MP said that Wamunyinyi is the best option for the position in the Bungoma senate. Eseli added that the Azimio la Umoja leaders want Wamunyinyi in the Senate so that he can represent the Azimio interests. Also present was David Muchele DAP-K party.

By Brown Wafula 

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