DP Gachagua Tells Off Raila Odinga Saying William Ruto Does Not Need His Help To Fix The Economy

The assertion by the Azimio One Kenya Alliance party leader Raila Odinga that he cannot work with the current administration has prompted a strong response from Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. On Saturday, The Azimio leader vowed not to work with the Kenya Kwanza-led government at a burial ceremony in Kisumu where he reiterated that his fight for Kenya’s liberation was not over.

“Mimi vile nimesimama hapa nasema wakati wangu wa kuongea haijafika lakini itafika na mimi nimesema sitarudi nyuma, kama watu wetu wameungana pamoja nitasimama imara na sisi hatuwezi tishwa ati tuungane na serikali,” he said.

In response to Raila’s sentiments, the Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua who was speaking during an inter-domination thanksgiving ceremony on Sunday In Murang’a, said that they had no interest in working with him as he would only ruin their government just as he ruined former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

“Yesterday I saw him saying that he will not be coerced or intimidated to join our government. Listen to me, we are not looking for you and we have no time. The last time he entered into Uhuru’s government, he destroyed it,” said Gachagua.

Mr Gachagua was in the company of President William Ruto, National Assembly majority leader Kimani Ichung’wah and other cabinet secretaries among other leaders. They boasted of how the President possed the ability to fix the economy without Raila Odinga’s help.

“We have a president who can work and we don’t want help from that man. Stay where you are and do your oversight role. Let them correct us that is their job and if they do that, they will be doing their job.” DP Gachagua said.

By Lavin Atieno

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