Kenya Airways Signs Codeshare Partnership With Royal Air Maroc

Kenya Airways (KQ) and Royal Air Maroc (RAM) have signed an agreement to resume their Codeshare partnership, previously initiated in 2016 and discontinued in 2019. Following the signing of the deal, passengers of Royal Air Maroc will be able to travel on the KQ network to destinations including Nairobi, Zanzibar, and Johannesburg.

As part of the agreement, KQ will be used by travellers heading from Casablanca and Marrakech to Nairobi. “This partnership strengthens our connectivity to the East and South of the African continent, thanks to a long-standing reliable partner, Kenya Airways.

It will enable our passengers to reach Nairobi and Johannesburg, two important economic and financial capitals, as well as Zanzibar, a popular tourist destination,” Royal Air Maroc CEO Abdelhamid Addou said in a statement. The agreement is being made as Royal Air Maroc prepares to add three more trips via its codeshare with Kenya Airways to Nairobi, connecting Accra to Johannesburg and Zanzibar. Currently, Royal Air Maroc flies three times per week from Casablanca to Accra.

Currently, Kenya Airways offers seven flights per week between Accra and Nairobi. With the help of the new agreement, it will be able to provide three flights each week from Accra to Casablanca and Marrakech. “We are very happy to see this partnership reactivated as it will provide our travellers with improved connectivity options between our two hubs, Nairobi and Casablanca. Our customers will be able to enjoy the financial center of Casablanca and the tourist destination of Marrakech.” KQ’s chief commercial officer Julius Thairu said.

By Lavin Atieno

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