I Will Name And Shame Luo Politicians Mocking My Family After Raila’s Presidential Loss- Mama Ida Odinga

Mama Ida Odinga, wife of Azimio leader Raila Odinga has come out breathing fire and threatening to publish and put to shame Luo politicians who have immensely benefited both politically and financially from the Odingas but have now turned into political enemies.

Terming the unnamed leader’s traitors and political turncoats, Mama Ida, for the first time warned politicians who fell out with her husband against insulting her family. She has said that should the unnamed politicians continue insulting her family through abusive Facebook posts, she will name them and reveal to the public how they have benefited from her family.

She said some of the politicians spent time at her house and office before the election but have now turned against her family after they lost in the ODM nominations. Mama Ida was quoted saying “They would wake up and have breakfast, lunch and supper at my house and spend the whole day at my office. They are now thankless and talking as if they did not benefit from my family,” she said. According to Ida, the politicians have been making noise on Facebook with intentions of seeking state recognition and jobs, saying such leaders should not be supported in their future political quests.

Political analysts say one such leader is former Lake Basin Development Authority chairman Odoyo Owidi who resigned from ODM soon after the party leader lost. Other politicians who have come out to attack the Odinga family include former Kisumu senator Fred Outa, and former Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma who together with Mr Owidi and others have formed a caucus that they are now using to marshal support for Kenya Kwanza government in Nyanza.

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