Enforcement Officers Blamed For Sabotaging The Busia County Beautification Programme

The planned Busia beautification programme is facing resistance spearheaded by a section of their own enforcement officers, sources at the county told The Weekly Vision. Many of the officers were hired by former governor Sospeter Ojaamong.

 One officer is actively engaged in inciting roadside hawkers against moving out after the expiry of an eviction notice, advising them to stay put. The officer holds the rank of Inspector, he was hurriedly promoted to the higher rank by the previous administration before they left office. He holds no relevant academic papers or skills to handle the sensitive job.

 The officer is said to be behind efforts to incite the hawkers against vacating their current workplaces with allegations flying around that he has been receiving protection money from the traders on a weekly basis.

The source adds that just recently, he dispatched junior officers loyal to him in disrupting an eviction exercise that was taking place at a road overlooking the Agriculture Training Center (ATC) where the governor’s office is located.

 The Busia beautification programme Is expected to transform the appearance of both Busia and Malaba towns with beautiful roadside trees, flowers and decent walkways.

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