Ganjoni Hospital Mangers In The Spotlight Over Alleged Mistreatment Of Employees

Members of staff at the Mombasa-based Ganjoni Hospital are up in arms against the institution’s management over delayed dues and unhealthy working conditions. A source who spoke to The Weekly Vision us on strict condition of anonymity for fear of victimization disclosed that they have gone unpaid for close to two months, with the last sum wired into their bank accounts in November 2022.

But in a quick rejoinder, the management had last week told some of the staff that they are unable to pay salaries due to lack of funds, occasioned by the recent purchase of hospital equipment. However, the staff claims that anyone who pushes the management to pay salaries or threatens to seek legal redress is threatened with sacking.

The staff has also protested rampant mistreatment at the workplace, claiming that they are heavily punished on flimsy grounds. They reportedly give doctors strict targets to meet on the number of admitted patients to make huge profits while workers are not paid commensurately. Last year, a task force composed of health officials from the Health ministry threatened to close down the hospital because the institutions lacked qualified staff and the few qualified ones did not possess any operating licenses to allow them to provide health services. The hospital also lacked proper disposal systems or an incinerator. 

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