Rot At Music Copyright Society Of Kenya (MCSK) Exposed

All is not well at the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) as key officials are being accused of allegedly mismanaging the funds. The man on the spot is Board Chairman Lazarus Muli who also doubles as the Eastern Regional Director. Mr Muli is alleged to have presided over embezzlement of funds from the Collective Management Organization (CMO) body. The embalmment comes at a time when Kenyan artists, well known for giving their best in the entertainment industry but getting almost zero rewards courtesy of corruption at the MCSK board.

Also in the radar is the Performers Rights Society of Kenya CEO Joseph Njagi who is accused of colluding with Mr Muli to defraud musicians.  Musicians now claim that Mr Njagi and Muli have failed to account for Ksh. 907 Millions collected in 2017/18, Ksh. 500M from international sources like Google, the money was sent to MCSK for specific members (international royalties) and Ksh. 16.3M given to MCSK from KPM in March, 2022 for distribution purposes.

It has also been alleged that board members have been receiving double payments (honorarium and sitting allowances).  Further, there are claims that there was an illegal sale of MCSK vehicles where two parallel sale agreements per car were signed.

Also in the radar is the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) who is said to be working in cahoots with both Njagi and Muli in looting the funds meant to benefit musicians.

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